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Breaking the “Chains”: The Lesson We Learned From Patty Loveless’ Hit Song “Chains”

Patty Loveless had a number of chart-topping hit songs throughout her career – “Timber, I’m Falling in Love,” “Chains,” and “Nothin’ But the Wheel,” to name a few. She may not have written her own songs, but she sure knows how to pick good songs to suit her, and perform them well. She has been praised for the songs that she chose to sing and the way that she chose to sing them, and this is what possibly makes her stand out from everybody else.

Breaking the “Chains” of Love

Several Patty Loveless songs sure have taught us a thing or two about love. In her last single to top the charts, Loveless teaches us the importance of knowing when to let go and break the chains and shackles of love.


The song tells a story of a somewhat complicated relationship between a woman (the narrator) and a man. The man does not treat her well and appears to be taking her for granted. She knows that she has to leave him, but she can’t because she loves him, and so she feels trapped. Despite this, she assures herself that someday, she’s going to break the chains that bind her to him. The song reminds us of the feeling when we’re in a hopeless situation that we fully know we should get out of, but for some reason, we can’t.

“Chains” by Patty Loveless teaches us that we must know when to get out of a situation that’s already hurting us, no matter how much we need to give up on it.

Listen to “Chains” by Patty Loveless below.


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