Cyndi Lauper & Tony Brown Cutting Country Gold, Old-Style, With Nashville’s Finest

Producer Tony Brown admits it hasn’t been often in his vast career that he’s popped one of the projects he’s produced into his car stereo for mere listening pleasure. But that’s exactly what he’s been doing with the recent Cyndi Lauper project, Detour, which he not only enjoyed doing, but actually likes hearing upon completion. So do fans. Detour entered the country charts at No. 4 and Billboard’s Top 200 at No. 29. As the story goes, Lauper met with a few producers in Nashville before settling on Brown. She first showed up at his house with Sire label head Seymour Stein. “I told Cyndi as they were sitting in front of my desk, ‘Don’t be offended, but I’m pissing down my leg that Seymour Stei


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